Moldova Flower Delivery

For now, our delivery network only covers Moldova and all cities within it. However, we do ship outside Moldova, but we do that at an extra cost. We recommend that you reach out to our customer service team for further clarification. Delivery to cities outside Moldova is calculated based on distance, and topology of the place.

We charge between $14.95 and $29.95 to deliver flowers to unlisted locations. It’s advised that you first contact us before placing an order if you will want the flowers to be delivered to the unlisted locations. When you do, our customer service personnel will request that you specify the exact City and Street Address the flowers will be delivered to.

Though needful, phone numbers of recipient isn’t a vital necessity. But without the recipient’s phone number, there is every possibility delivery won’t happen on the specified date. We will, however, keep trying until the customer picks up the delivered item.

We recommend that you give an instruction on steps to be taken in the event we couldn’t deliver to the customer. Here how we handle such cases:

  • Leave a note at the door of the recipient
    • Reattempt deliver, but at an additional cost
    • Follow instructions as given by the customer

For a token fee of $40, we will send someone to verify if this person still lives there. Please give us a call or send an email to get the ball rolling.

Typically, our delivery runs from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for cities. We know unforeseen contingency arise every time, so we have made provision to accommodate them.

Yes we can, but you will have to indicate clearly that you want the delivery to be a surprise. You can do this on the comment section of the request form. When we deliver, the recipient will not see the name of the sender.

Yes. It is very possible. In fact, we encourage our customers to include a personal note. You can do this by writing out the note on the order form after you must have filled out the delivery address.

We will send you a confirmation email after the flower gets delivered to the customer. The confirmation email typically is sent out at the close of the business day. However, technical glitches could cause a 24 hour delay to the delivery of the email. If for any reason your order gets delayed, we will notify you immediately.

Unfortunately, we can’t exactly tell if the digital picture will be made, and for the reasons below:

Our delivery personnel could miss the recipient at the time of delivery

There are places where quality photo equipment are completely inaccessible. If we encounter this challenge, the picture will not be printed, and you won’t be charged.
We have had instances where the client blatantly decline to take delivery of the picture. Don’t worry, we will refund you in the form of credit store should this happen.

The good news is that you can. We just started this service as part of our effort to give our customers the best bang for their bucks. We only charge $4.99 for this service. Check out photos of previous clients to get a feel of the quality of our service.

Simply put, digital movie of delivery is all about filming recipients who are okay with the idea. We charge a flat fee of $10.95 for video clips that run between 10 to 45 seconds. This service is only available in big cities.

Customer privacy is an issue we take very serious, and we will not for any reason share it with a third party. Personal details such as emails, credit card information, billing address, and phone number are stored in highly secured servers. The only information we share is the delivery note and address of the recipient, but we only share them with our florist alone.

Your private information can only be shared with a law enforcement agencies whenever the need arises. Be assured your details are in good hands. We share private information of our customers with federal authorities when:

We suspect there is a credit card fraud
There is a breach on our website
We have been ordered by law to do so
Prevent the abuse of our website

We will take up legal action against person that attempts to breach or unlawfully access the private information of other users on our site. This is considered injury, and it is a punishable offence.

We process our customers’ order using a secured platform, and the one we use is VeriSign Secure Order Form. Verisign has a Secure Socket Layers (SSL) incorporated in it, thus ensuring a secured connection is created when your computer communicates with our server. SSL is basically an encryption technology which ensures no unauthorized person accesses your data. The encrypted data will only be decrypted when it gets past the firewall. As an added measure, we don’t store the credit card details of our customers on our website.

With the exception of funerals and other sympathy arrangements, we send flower packages composed of odd numbers. That is to say we will only send even numbered flowers if you wish to use it for funeral. This rule is applicable irrespective of the type of flower you are buying. However, there are few exceptions to this rule. A typical example is when the flower will be used for different arrangement.

If you are looking to impress her, why not send her something as elegant as it is simple. A bouquet of seasonal flowers would be idea of this. Consider adding a box of chocolate along with the package; ladies love chocolate.

Moldovans hold Valentine’s Day – 14th Feb – special, and it is when they send flowers the most. Another day Moldovans hold very dear is the International Women’s Day which falls on the 8th of March. Also, the volume of sent gifts peaks during Christmas Season. This continues till New Year.

If you are looking to send to a place of different time zone, we recommend you get the order started 15 to 16 hours before the delivery time.

Sure, we do. Our online payment platform has been integrated with PayPal, and PayPal is robust enough to accommodate credit card payments. The following cards are accepted on our site:

  • Discover
    • JCB
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • American Express